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A holistic approach with each client allows us to fully understand their consumer, their process, and their products.


Our Mission

To create long-lasting relationships between brands and people, and give your consumer the ultimate experience that they'll want to talk about. We do this by developing product plans and consumer marketing strategies that are directly targeting your end-consumer. Whether your brand is at a crossroads seeing rapid growth, or perhaps has hit a plateau, 27th and Leo is positioned to steer your company to a focused destination. 

The key to success is offering brands with a fully integrated services approach including consumer trends and analytics, product merchandising and development, and business strategies.
— Kyli Owen, CEO


  • Fully integrated retail consultancy solution.
  • Hands-on approach to understand the unique needs of each client.
  • Creative disruption that stands out in retail. 
  • Consumer trends and analytics.
  • Product merchandising and planning.
  • Product and price optimization.
  • Consumer marketing that leads to stand-out consumer experiences. 
  • Retail selling and analytics. 
  • Channel marketing and management. 
  • Online and digital retail selling strategies